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Below are the product lines that we proudly represent.

Arlington Fittings Arlington Fittings Complete line of Die Cast fittings and innovative plastic items $500/$1250
BRK Electronics BRK Electronics Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors $100/$1000
Brother Mobile Solutions Brother Mobile Solutions Hand Held & Desktop printers for Electrical Industry $100/$500
Conduit Pipe Products Conduit Pipe Products EMT, Rigid Elbows, Couplings & Nipples, Running Thread $100/$1500
Crescent Apex Tool Crescent Apex Tool NC/SC Plant Crescent, Wiss, Lufkin, Apex, JoBox, HK Porter, & Nicholson $250/$750
Current Tools Current Tools NC/SC Plant Punches, Dies and Knockout Sets, Jack Stands, Storage Boxes, Benders, PVC Heat Blankets, Pulling Equipment & Wire Carts $25/$250/$3000
Eiko Ltd. Eiko, Ltd. All Flourescents, HID, LED, Miniature, Safety Coated, & Specialty bulbs $250/$1250/$1500
Electri-Flex Electri-Flex Liquid Tight, Non Metallic Liquid Tight and Greenfield $150/$1500
ESA Fabrication ESA Fabrication Spool Boss, Wire Management equipment, Temp Power Stations, Custom Fabrication, Custom Enclosures, Wire and Material Carts Not Freight PPD
Florida Strut Florida Strut Complete line of channel, fittings, and spring steel fittings $250/$8000
Republic Wire Republic Wire Copper Building Wire, Bare Copper and Tinned Copper 2500 LBS/5000 LBS
Shurtape Shurtape NC/SC Plant Electrical tape, duct tape, hazard markings and packaging tape 1 Case/$250
Southern Pipe Southern Pipe NC/SC Plant Schedule 40, 80, EB & DB PVC pipe, Spacers & PVC fittings $100/$1500/$25000
STI STI Fire stopping products and EZ-Path Devices $150/$750
Teddico Teddico/BWF Weatherproof Electrical Products, Wall Packs, Flood Lighting, High/Low Bay, Vapor Proof fixtures & Steel Fittings $100/$750
TPI TPI-Raywall-Markel Residential/commercial/industrial electric heat, Pedestal fans, Ventilation products, Infrared Heat and Industrial Lighting $50/$2500
World Dryers World Dryers A complete line of hand dryers Not Freight PPD


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